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Voice Automated Shopping Assistant

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I have filed a provisional patent on a voice automated shopping assistant. The use case of the technology is having the ability to shop on the go and get grocery delivery, in the car with hands free bluetooth, for the visually impaired and any time when your hands are not free. The user would order groceries or request a pre set list and specify the time for delivery. The patent was developed as a utility patent but realized later that the technology may be changed depending on the use case and so a provisional was filed. Flow charts and detailed explanations have been described in the patent. Non-provisional ready to be filed.

Financial information

Google, Amazon and Wal Mart are now into the grocery delivery market among others considering. Grocery delivery is currently a $6 billion industry and is estimated to grow 10% year over year. With more commuters than ever the need to shop on-the-go is a new and convenient way of living. Today 40% of car buyers purchase a vehicle because of the in-car technology it has. The Voice Automated Shopping Assistant is a value added to anyone looking for extra in-car tech and convenience.

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