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Stop water damage to your ceiling, walls and furniture.

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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It is a electrical limit switch device, giving audible and LED warning, when your water heater supplying warm water to your every day use at home is leaking, the water catchment tray underneath the water heater is equipped with this device. Prior the tray being overflowing with water, you may then take preventive action in closing off the supply of water to the heater, thus preventing the tray overflowing and spilling water onto the ceiling and water against walls and onto furniture may be prevented. when marketed properly, this may eventually influence a cheaper home insurance premium.

Financial information

1) The invention is one of a kind and all rights reserved in all shapes, ways or forms, and may not be duplicated or modified without the owners permission.
2) A once off bulk payment will be accepted and there after royalties negotiated.
3) A high market potential exist in that most homes have water heaters installed in the roof.
4) No trademark exists as of yet.
5) Manufacturing of this device will be cheap and I for see at least a 600 to 800% profit margin.
6) This invention have not been sold yet and i am eagerly awaiting to see where this will turn and are very optimistic.

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