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[Category : - HEALTH]
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The Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe 100 for single use comprises a plunger assembly 142 to slidably and axially move inside the outermost barrel 124, holding a needle carrier assembly 122 in conical jacket 174 at proximal end. The plunger assembly 112 comprises a needle retraction assembly, which further comprises a retraction shaft 106, housing inside the retraction hub 104 along with a compressed spring 160. The shaft is provided with a piston seal 142 at distal end and an axially furrowed nipple 158 at proximal end. The shaft is also provided with an outer circumferential conical groove 156 at proximal end, which facilitates the shaft to be held firmly along with a compressed spring 160 inside the retraction hub 104 with engagement of conical notch T-1 of outwardly protruded finger lock 146 provided in the retraction hub 104. The proximal portion of the finger lock 146 is customised into a flange 148 to remains in contact of distal surface of ring plate 162. At proximal end the retraction assembly is provided with a combination of two parallel ring plates 162 and 164, wherein the distal plate is diametrically provided with oppositely positioned two axial pins P- l and P-2 which slidably protrude out at proximal ends, passing through the respective holes H- l and H-2 provided in proximal ring plate 164. The needle carrier assembly comprises a hypodermic needle having an axial cavity 186 at distal end, housed in axial passage of needle carrier hub 118 and engages therein with the inner conical teeth T-3 of finger lock 194 through outer circumferential groove 178. The needle carrier assembly is housed inside the conical jacket 174 provided at proximal end of outermost barrel 114 through a combination of an O-ring 200 and a ring plate 202. During the completion of injection process the nipple 158 inserts in distal cavity 186 to engage needle 166 and the finger locks 194 of needle carrier assembly as well as 146 of needle retraction assembly open simultaneously due to the pressure exerted on their respective flanges 190 and 148 by movement of plunger assembly in forward direction. This action facilitates to retract the shaft 106 along with needle 116 to dislodge and gently move in backward direction and finally encapsulate needle 116 in plunger barrel 102. The outwardly protruded finger lock 134 provided at distal end of the plunger barrel 102 also clicks lock the plunger barrel inside the outermost barrel by seating conveniently in the inner circumferential conical groove 168 provided at the distal end of the outermost barrel 114 to completely lock the syringe and render it useless for any further use.

Priority Date : 26.11.2012 [3624/DEL/2012]
International filing : PCT/IN2013/000658 dated 29/10/2013
International Publication by WIPO : WO/2014/080421 on 30.05.2014
IPC classification : A61M

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