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Garden Lighting System And Connectors

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Lawn and Garden- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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This relates to a 'Garden lighting System'( SEE PICTURE BELOW ) That is Weatherproof and totally 'Plug & Go' in its assembly and use. It comprises of a 'Lamp Fitting'(ie, A 'PAR38' lamp with a 'Ground Spike' fitting) but the assembly has a 'Plug and Socket' moulded into the base of the Spike body. This allows for up to 28 x 100watt ( Or up to 200 LED ) lights to be connected in-line on the same cable run, by using up to 28 Standard or 200 LED 'Lamp Fittings' and pre-made 'Plug & Socket' cables (which are available in various lengths ie. 1mtr to 20mtr) These 'Plug & Socket' cables, are made from flexible metal conduit (16mm/dia) that has been plastic coated, this enables the cables to be buried in the ground as per normal SWA cable.

The advantages of this lighting system are:

1) No Wiring to be done just 'Plug together'. You can Install this
yourself. No contractors needed.
2) The Entire system is Street Supply Powered ie. 240 or 110 volt
3) Lamps up to 100 watt each can be fitted, giving better/brighter
illumination to Garden Features or Plants / Trees, than the
normal 12 or 24 volt lighting systems available from garden centre's.
4) White or coloured Lamps can be used to display the best effect from your garden Features or Plants.
5) Light fittings can be placed at any distance from the previous
fitting, by using the desired length pre-made cable.
6) The whole cables / Light fittings can be buried to give a cable
free view in the garden. ie just see the lamps.
7) The whole system is protected by an Earth Trip,in the 'supply
connection box' that the cables connect from.
This can be fitted inside or outside and runs from a standard
13amp socket.
8) The whole system can be laid out to your exact requirements by
using as many or as few 'light fittings' and lengths of Cables
or 'Extension Cables'.(used to start the run to the first 'Light
Fitting' cable. ie The long run from house to the garden)
9) Multi outlet connection boxes / splitters are available.

10) This lighting system is available with Remote Control switching


This has the potential for huge sales, also the system can be
adapted to power any other appliance ie, Pond Pumps or to install
Power outlet sockets around the Garden for Electric tools or for
the BBQ area. Adaptors are available to convert ornamental lights
such as old style lamp post's etc. This system is as versatile as
your imagination.

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or by telephone United Kingdom 0044-1268-726480
( 01268-726480 )

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