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Billt-Taper Hand held tape dispenser with belt clip w/pricing

[Category : - Tools]
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This product will fit right into a billion dollar industry and will challenge any and all competitors! This is a one of a kind hand held tape dispenser that will attach to any roll of tape 1in or larger, even Duct Tape. By inserting any roll of tape this product will turn it into an easy to use tool for everyone. It makes taping easier and faster with an easy to hold & use design plus an added belt clip for your hip so you can always have it with you at all times, keeping it from being set down and lost or from damage by debris. This product will help in many ways starting with a straight piece every time will save time, money and tape by keeping the user from cutting unwanted waste that is crooked. Making taping faster and easier. Most tapers are for packaging and wrapping of gifts and there are some tapers for the trades for taping off base and window trim but this tool is for the (everything) use! It opens up to accept your roll of tape and basically turns that roll of tape into a handy TOOL. It has a thumb brake to stop the roll from spinning letting you tear the tape easily with an easy to hold plastic mold that conforms to your hand and makes it easy to hold and work with so that anyone can use it. And by starting with a straight piece of tape every time it will keep labor cost and tape cost down because your not wasting tape and time by cutting off a crooked piece of tape when you need a straight piece, and also no more looking for it after setting it down and forgetting where you put it because you now can wear it on your hip. I should know I have been in the trades for 25 years it happens. Take a look there's nothing like it on store shelves and that's where this belongs not online with a bunch of (we think this will work tools) I know it will work and have found painters and other tradesmen that are more than willing to get one. If you have what it takes to get it going, it will be a very good product to add to your portfolio. So go ahead and contact me with any and all questions. We have filed for our Provisional Patent # 61969224 and we are waiting on publication. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you

Financial information

We are willing to accept offers for a full sale of our patent and also would be open to a license agreement that makes sense. We have had a lot of positive feed back with this product but are falling short without having actual product to sell, there is a market that can, and will buy this tool, if someone has the right channels to get it going. All pictures below are of a rough prototype. Actual size and method of use though. We have price's to get our product made and they are. Single cavity mold w/three parts is $44,750 with a unit price of $3.50 a set for 5,000 units and as low as $2.20 for 25,000 units. We also have pricing for a four cavity mold w/twelve parts and it is $66,250 with a unit price of $2.25 a set for 5,000 units and as low as $1.68 for 25,000 units.

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