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The dental tool of the future

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The mouth mirror, oral suction tool, and oral irrigator, are common handheld dental instruments. Combining these tools with a light emitting source into a single instrument will transform the dentist office by lowering cost, reducing equipment wear, decreasing patient chair time and reducing disease transmission. We call this new dental instrument the pre Eminent Dental Reflector, "EDR". This dental "Swiss army knife" will also improve field dentistry, enabling first responder and military triage intervention by consolidating several tools into one to reduce clutter in emergency situations. Moreover, this combined instrument realizes synergies among its components not possible with individual tools, providing utility superior to the instruments it replaces. The resulting device fits in the dental professionals hand while safely probing the subjects mouth to provide a comfortable experience for both the dentist and the patient. The EDR works by simply attaching it to any general dental compressor, so there is no need to buy any special equipment in the dental office.

Financial information

What I am looking for is a partner who is financially equip to finance the production of my invention. And is willing to help me run my business. Or if the price is right, I will be willing to sell my invention, but only if I can keep a portion of the royalties. I have a three year projection that was drawn up by the small business administration, showing profits of $27,000,000 by the end of the third year. I also have 90% of the upcoming dentist from Baylor school of dentistry ready to purchase my invention. These potential sales are only a fraction of the projected income that can be made with this amazing tool. If you are interested, I can email you a video of this invention anytime.

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