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Hygienic floor shield sports bag

[Category : - Footwear- HEALTH- Fitness]
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This invention employs a novel folding mat configuration that is integrated into the bottom of a sports bag that presents a clean surface for multiple use. Magnetic latches allow hands-free deployment and recovery of the mat with either a gentle snap of the wrist or use of foot tab feature. Promotes a clean hygienic surface upon which to stand while changing clothes, for example in a gym locker-room.

Patent Abstract:
A carrying bag accessory featuring a mat that is externally affixed to a bag or any variant bag designs such as a gym bag, duffle bag, rucksack, backpack, etc., and conveniently stored in a folded configuration when not in use and deployed in an unfolded configuration adjacent to the bag when in use to provide a flat clean surface upon which a user can rest or place items on. The mat is comprised of a multiplicity of rigid or semi-rigid hinged panels carefully configured to fold in such a manner as to preserve the cleanliness of surfaces that come into contact with the user. The mat is retained in a folded configuration by means of magnetic or other types of fasteners allowing the deployment and storage of the mat by the user with minimal contact and effort.

Financial information

- I am a professional product design engineer who designed, developed and patented this novel product. I desire to identify a buyer for an outright sale of the patent to include website and sample units.

- Market target and potential is primarily sports and fitness enthusiasts who desire a convenient method of providing hygienic protection.

- Patented. See pictures..

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