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[Category : - Telecommunications- Security and alarms- Indentification and payment methods]
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The apparatus of the present invention are directed to a selectively accessible electromagnetically resonant data storage element (implemented as a resonant tag, card, embedded element and/or similar devices), for inventory and facility control and management, for product tracking during transportation, for security purposes (e.g., personal identification (e.g., passports, driver's licenses, alien registration cards), access control, etc.), and to facilitate various forms of electronic information interchange (for example in electronic commerce, such as payment cards, etc.), that is selectively responsive to predetermined electromagnetic interrogation thereof, that comprises a novel membrane switch component for enabling a user to selectively enable and/or disable interrogatory access to the resonant component, to protect from unauthorized interrogation thereof. The novel membrane switch may be formed through a combination of aligned and configured subcomponents of at least a portion of the element within at least two stacked layers.

Financial information

For RFID base secure cards or tags, such as credit cards, passport cards, driver’s licenses, payment cards/tags, access cards/tags, etc.

With China patent: 200980121275.8

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