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[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Construction Processes & Equipment- DESIGN PATENTS]
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A displacement actuated side dumping haul body and related methods are disclosed. The side dumping haul body may, for example, be mounted to a trailer or truck frame. The side dumping haul body includes a floor with fore and aft end walls rigidly attached to the floor, at least one actuator and first and second sidewalls. When the at least one actuator is employed to pivot the floor to dump material from the haul body, the corresponding sidewall pivots at least generally away from the floor to create a side discharge opening. Various opening parameters and dumping characteristics can be achieved by varying locations of pivot and linkage points.

Most basically, the patent discloses a side dump haul body which dumps to either side by lifting the sidewall out and away from the floor as the floor is being tilted.
The shedding behavior of this configuration allows for dumping off the landing pads as well as dumping on the run.

Financial information

I am the inventor of this patent as well as the related 7,722,125 patent which will be included in this outright sale. The unit was tested first as a 3/8th scale model followed by the h55 full scale concept demonstrator. Felling built a number of production units naming my design the X55/CrossOver. It was launched in June of 2012. I have for sale not only the 2 patents, but the drawing package of the production unit. This design is applicable to on-highway, off-road and railway payload transport. The body rotates 55 degrees and one operation manager claimed it could dump clay better than anything he has ever seen. It is extremely stable allowing it to side dump without being attached to the tractor and supported only by the landing pads. Drivers claim they cant even tell when it dumps. This will be a winner.

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