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Atmospheric Water Recovery (AWR) Process

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The patented process is for the reclamation of atmospheric water 24/7 almost anywhere on earth with ambient temperatures above 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

All living things on earth require some amount of water. While 3/4 of the earth's surface is covered in water it is not potable water. The potable water on earth is finite and not always readily available to the human population either due to geography or politics.

a. The atmosphere has some degree of humidity everywhere on earth. The atmospheric humidity percentage varies depending on climate, season, geographic location, and temperature. Day and night time relative atmospheric humidity conditions are different in the various regions around the world.

b. During the nighttime, due to a drop in temperature and condensation the atmospheric relative humidity percentage rises in most geographic locations steadily up toward 100%. This nocturnal process results in the condensation of water droplets from the atmosphere.

c. Machines/devices exist that can extract small amounts of water from the atmosphere according to this condensation principle. In the past an efficient process to extract large amounts of water from the atmosphere, employing renewable energies, 24/7 has not existed.

The AWR Process employs renewable solar energy and storage batteries, operates around the clock, and produces potable water. Currently, the AWR Process operation is scalable to the targeted requirement and designed for two basic types of operations; permanent facility Commercial Plant operations and Individual Residential or remote operations.

The Individual Residential operation can be either fixed site or mobile. The Commercial Plant operation requires approximately a 2 square Kilometer area of dedicated real estate and can produce up to 30,000 gallons of potable water per 24 hour process period. The Individual Residential operation is designed to fit into 20 foot ISO containers and has a 24 hour production rate of up to 6,000 gallons.

The Individual Residential operation container could be utilized to support humanitarian relief efforts or military operations in austere locations.

The AWR Process is scalable, does not require a water source, and is more cost efficient than the desalinization process for the production of potable water.

Financial information

The AWR patent holders desire to sell the patent. The patent has not been sold previously.

The potential market for AWR Process customers is worldwide. Available potable water is finite and not always accessible where required due to either geographic or political issues. The AWR Process solves this by producing potable water almost anywhere in the world.

Specific AWR Individual Residential Process applications are: residential buildings in remote areas, humanitarian support operations in arid areas, and expeditionary military operations in austere environments. The AWR Commercial Plant operation is scalable and could support extended Humanitarian Relief operations and/or Nation Building operations in the aftermath of civil strife, natural disasters, or warfare.

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