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[Category : - OTHER- AMUSEMENT SPORTS- Camping and Outdoors ]
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This invention is a two-in-one product "two low beach back rests convertible into wind protection" and each set contains 2 beach back rests.

In general, when moving to the beach, vacationers prefer to carry the minimum weight and volume, with as much comfort as possible.

The present invention aims to allow the respective user (vacationer) a double feature / destination, according to his wishes. The user can use the 2 beach back rests as such, but he also has the option to convert the 2 beach back rests into a wind protection, in order to make his stay more enjoyable in the case of wind.

The size of the objects are about 50 cm high x 40 cm; The materials are plastic or aluminum for the structure; fabric or nylon to the inside (typical beach chairs materials).

To use the invention as a windbreak, first the user should be aware of the wind direction in order to be able to plan the placement of the object with the purpose of achieving the best possible results. Then, he should open the two beach back rests, remove the lids, pull the sharp cylinders and screw them in the sand. After that he should join both beach back rests and thus connecting the respective plastic plug-ins.

These beach back rests are placed directly on the sand. This is an important aspect, because most beach vacationers enjoy nature, and usually they value direct body contact with the sand, generally regarded as having a relaxing effect.

Financial information

Taking in account that vacationers prefer to carry the minimum possible weight and volume to the beach, with as much comfort as possible, it's easy to conclude that any object that may have a dual use, brings advantages to the end user, because with the same transport effort, less effort is spent and multiple goals are achieved, allowing the user to extract the maximum possible benefit from the purchased asset.

This object has another advantage, that is, an economic benefit for the user, as he buys only one set, but he gets two purposes fulfilled, that is, he doesn’t have to buy two separate equipments.

The final targets for this consumer product are beach type tourists. Thus, there is a large market for this product, allthough it's a sazonal product.

This product should be traded by consumer summer goods companies.

This invention is protected by a provisional patent application.

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