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Durachord Shoe Laces W/ VIDEO (PATENT PENDING)

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The next generation of shoe-laces in shoe apparel for athletes, soldiers, public safety personnel, and possibly shoes in general. Durachord- Durable and sturdy shoe laces that can be put into shoes and will not come undone unless physically untied by the person donning them. These shoe laces are ideal for outdoorsmen, soldiers, children, and athletes. The laces are ideal for boots, work out shoes, or athletic shoes such as cleets, etc. The laces were created for the sole purpose of abolishing the need to tie shoe laces during strenuous activities (i.e. combat training, exercising, leisure). Durachord Shoe laces provide reliability and effieciency. Durachord shoe laces have the potential to make ones shoe apparel that much more distinguished, reliable, and longer lasting than its competitiors, because a shoe is not a shoe with out shoe laces And a reliable and long lasting shoe is not a reliable and long-lasting shoe with out Durachord shoe laces! As an athlete, and a firefighter I can attest to this product being an asset. I envision Durachords being in the shoes of all soldiers, athletes, and public safety personel around the world. Because when doing what we love to do the last thing we want to do is take 5 seconds off to tie our shoes before we get to go back at it! Make Reliabilty and durability a priority in every apparatus. Even in Shoe lace.

- Devon Grimm-Wash / Inventor


Please Contact me via e-mail or phone if you have any further questions or interest. I do have a prototype and footage of how my product works.


Financial information

Will discuss any and all potential business and economic opportunities via email ([Use the button below to contact me]) or phone (3143971191).

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