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Safe-to-shift cookware lid (Video)

[Category : - Cooking]
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The Safe-to-shift cookware lid can be a game-changing product for a cookware supplier looking for new ways to expand.

This product solves at least 15,000 years - old problem of stability of cookware lid in its habitually displaced position.

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Video of the product: Link

1. Adds safety when displacing a lid on a pot for ventilation/emptying of the pot.
2. Adds convenience (the opening can be easily adjusted);
3. Supports habitual way of ventilating/emptying the pot, intuitively clear, no paradigm shift;
4. No need to use a special pot;
5. No buttons, no moving parts;
6. No need in metal flange that can comprise nickel (allergic, especially for women) and damage non-stick surface of the pot;
7. Allows immediate visual check of ventilation degree;
8. Can be used on shallow pans;
9. Can be used on the pots with L-shaped brim (high aftermarket potential);
10. Provides much faster drain of fine content;
11. Immediate eye-catcher on the shelf, wow!-effect;
12. Low cost of production, similar to that of conventional glass lids, just a mould to be changed;
13. Additional aesthetic opportunity thanks to the "wings";
14. Great for selling on TV as can be presented really dramatically;
15. Great for returning sales (different sizes, as a gift showing care - safety feature).

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