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potential 40% hob energy saving- every kitchen-easy retrofit

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Utilises the steam generated in the cooking process. Every household has pans for cooking food on the oven -gas /electric hob and during the process of cooking heat is evolved in the form of steam. Many households have sought to utilise this heat by the use of steamer type stacking systems which are ideal for cooking solid foods such as vegetables contained in the stacks above the steam. However, there are shortcomings when it comes to heating liquid type foods e.g. soups, milk puddings, baked beans , water, canned vegetables contained in their own juices, etc, etc.
I have designed a replacement pan lid which can be fitted on top of any household kitchen pan which will allow the placement of another pan on top of the replacement lid and thus allow the steam heat generated in the lower pan to be utilised for heating the top pan-effectively free of charge.
The replacement lid is approx 1.0mm. thick X approx25cm. diameter-could be wider for catering purposes. The centre section, approx 10 cm diameter stamped out and discarded. A machined groove on top surface of the disc approx 5mm. width X approx 0.1mm depth spirals out from the inner edge of the disc to the outer edge of the disc. When a pan is sat in contact with the upper side of the disc the groove forms a channel thus allowing for the escape of steam to atmosphere, and during this escape also allowing for the heating of the pan above-the cut away middle section also contibuting to the heating of the top pan.
Extensive tests caried out using various pans of different grades =ali, S/S, cast all indicate that temps in the top pan of 96-98C are readily achievable in a short space of time. Typically-cooking mash potatoes and baked beans-place potatoes on hob and cover with replacement pan lid together with baked beans in top pan-switch on gas and bring to boil-approx 7-9 mins-switch to simmer for approx 15 to 25 mins to allow potatoes to cook-typically the beans have reached optimum temp 96-98C and have effectiveley been cooked for free. The added bonus being that the cook has not been required to stand over the beans constantly stirring to avoid localised hot spots and charring of the pan contents. This is just one example-another may be cookig stew which could be on for anything between 60 and 90 mins-could have anything in top pan cooked for free e.g. soup, puddings etc. or even water to use for brews or even washing the dishes for free at the end of the meal...all with a minimum amount of supervision.
The replacement lid can be used with virtually any household pan and can also be used with a steam stack system to effectively allow for the heating of liquid type foods which has not been previoiusly possible.
I am aware that many households nowadays will use their microwave for heating their liquid type foods, however I am also aware that these same households will no doubt cook their potatoes and stews etc. on the oven hob in kitchen pans-why would one not want to utilise a free source of heat ?
Advantages-Potential free source of heat
-minimum of supervision during cooking process
-no more charred over cooked sweets, puddings etc. If you examine the cooking instructions on the majority of canned foods you will notice that the manufacturers recommend that the contents of the cans should not be boiled as this may adversely affect the taste.
-reduction in energy usage, year on year
-reduction in green gas generation follows from above
In the UK there are approx 25 million potential customers who could readily reduce their energy usage year on year. Every year energy price increases regularly feature throughout the year on news headlines.

Financial information

I have applied for the U.K.European and Indian patents through my Patent Agents Wilson Gunn, Manchester. Initial search and feedback from the Patents Office lead me to believe that the patent application will be granted.
I am looking for any proposals of interest in the above and I would be pleased to furnish any further info.

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