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Lengthy Hosting Internet System

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People need to live behind memories of themselves. That is why they erect expensive burial structures, build pyramids using hard to use but also hard to steal large stones, to ensure that the pyramids survive longer. People commit acts of heroism, conquer mountain peaks, set speed records, establish prizes and scholarships, to ensure their names live in time. People are afraid of death and seek ways - religious or other - to defeat it.

A system of lengthy internet hosting of information allows people to leave memories of themselves and control the contents of these memories. A user of the system can create a small internet site, information contained in which is guaranteed to be hosted for a lengthy period of time or indefinitely. The user may leave their autobiography complete with pictures, audio and video materials, listing achievements and decorations. The user may leave a message to their descendants. The user may leave their genetic makeup information protected by a passed to the descendants in a will password in the hope, that when the cloning technologies sufficiently develop, the user’s descendants may re-create the user. In the future, new types of information worth storing may emerge. For example, if technology for recording human memories and experiences is developed, this information may be worth storing and it may complement the genetic information for potential resurrection of the user.

The internet hosting system can be operated commercially. An upfront fee may guarantee hosting of the client’s information for a lengthy period of time or indefinitely. The guarantee of length of hosting services may be based on an insurance policy from a third party, or conservative financial policy of the hosting services provider with or without a mandatory financial reserve, or other means. The fee for services may depend on the size of stored information. The service may entitle the client to migration of the stored information to a new hosting platform should a new technology replace internet.

The system allows the client to purchase required volume of information to be stored on a specific, purpose domain name internet site and upload, for example by means of the file transfer protocol (ftp), their information. The system allows for some of the pages on the site be protected by a password which can be revealed to a trusted person or persons, for example to the descendants in a legal will. The system allows for the upload of information to the purchased site be protected by a password known only to the client and the password is meant not to be revealed to anyone so that the ability to change information on the purchased site is lost with the eventual death of the client. The system allows for the access to the information stored on the site by means of direct address (for example, Link) or search based on the client’s name and/or keywords. The service may be offered to anyone irrespectively of their place of residence or citizenship.

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