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eutectic freeze crystalliser continuous

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Good afternoon Sir / Madam

I was revered to your company and received your e-mail address from your PR department.

Our company owns the International IP on the most advanced Eutectic freeze crystalliser. The crystalliser was designed and develop by Dr. Pascual from the University Of Cape Town. He is one of the leading authorities in the world on crystallisation. The new crystalliser overcame the problem of continuous function and the electricity cost is lowered by up to 74%. The production output is raised by an average of 16%.

We are looking for an investment and or equity partner.

Please receive an executive summary of our project.

Kind Regards

Dr. Rousseau Strydom

Cell: 079 876 1837
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Subject: Industrial Process Solutions

Good Day Sir/Madam

Please receive an executive summary and introduction of our company.
Novel stirred scraped wall crystallizer designed for melt and EFC
Many industrial processes involve one or more streams of electrolyte solutions. Melt crystallization is well known to be used for liquid purification in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, being the limit of application eutectic conditions were the solutes start crystallizing. By using this thermodynamic process no extra chemicals like antisolvents during selective precipitation or antiscalants to avoid the formation of unwanted salts during the melt-liquid purification are necessary and therefore lowering significantly the cost by avoiding extra reagents and consequent disposal fees after treatment. In the other hand Eutectic freeze crystallization (EFC) has been reported to be economically more beneficial than the conventional techniques for the recovery of pure salt or acids and clean water (Van der Ham et al. 1999, Van der Ham et al. 2003, Vaessen et al. 2003). Van der Ham et al. showed that compared to triple-stage evaporative crystallization savings up to 70% of the energy consumption could be achieved depending on the type of salt. In an EFC process salt and ice are crystallized simultaneously at conditions just below the eutectic point of the aqueous solution. The selectivity of crystal growth leads to very pure products even when the solution contains many impurities as is often the case for industrial streams. Impurities can however, shift the eutectic point of the pure system. During eutectic freeze crystallization separation of the ice and the salt crystals can be perform gravitationally within the crystallizer or by centrifugal forces in or out of the crystallizer due to the difference in density between either the ice or the salt, and the mother liquor. In previous studies several prototypes of EFC crystallizers have been developed. The most important design characteristics of these crystallizers are the heat transfer rate that dictates the production rate, the residence time, the solid suspension and the separation efficiency, all them governed by the fluid dynamics in the crystallizer. Several Melt and EFC crystallizer designs and implementations have been reported in literature. As an example Vaessen et al. compared the performance of the Cooled Disk Column Crystallizer (CDCC-1) and the Scraped Cooled Wall Crystallizer (SCWC-1) (Vaessen et al. 2003). The heat transfer was higher in the CDCC-1 up to 7.2 kW m-2 compared with the 3.8 kW m-2 of the SCWC-1 due to the more effective removal of the developing ice scale layer from the heat exchanger surface. The gravitational separation on the other hand, was shown to proceed more effectively in the SCWC-1, because settling of the salt crystals and floatation of the ice crystals was not hampered by the horizontally positioned perforated cooling disks. However, separation difficulties still occurred at high solid percentages, and ice scale formation at low scraping rates (Genceli 2008). The novel Stirred Scraped Cooled Wall Crystallizer has an optimized fluid dynamics design for higher heat transfer, crystal suspension and for efficient gravitational separation to increase the throughput.
The main core of the design was to avoid the common problem of solid body rotation inside the crystallizer that the earlier scraped heat exchanger crystallizers used for EFC, cooling, and melt crystallizers used by industry have. Heat transfer and fluid dynamics were simultaneously investigated by using thermocromic liquid crystal slurry and crystallization kinetics were investigated in situ in a continuous crystallizer were crystal size distribution, morphology and purity of the crystals were determined. This results were presented and published at the International Conference of Crystal Growth and Epitaxy 17 proceedings (Rodriguez-Pascual 2013). The results showed an improved heat transfer and turbulence that derived in a accurately controllable and evenly distributed supersaturation in the crystallizer. The accurately control of the temperature derives in a efficient use of the heat transfer energy and avoids different growth rates in the crystallizer minimizing the ice scaling behavior. Due to this increase in turbulence, suspension of the crystals was also controllable and the residence time of crystals could be decided in terms of their density, morphology and size, and therefore a product with a desired narrow size distribution was obtained.
The apparatus according to the present invention can be used for numerous applications, such as mineral salts, mineral acids, organic acids, amino acids, pharmaceutical drugs ,for the recovery of salts and metals from the mining industry, treatment of acid mine drainage, waste streams and agricultural industry.

Genceli, F. E. Scaling-Up Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, PhD dissertation, Delft, 2008
Rodriguez Pascual, M. and Lewis, A.E., 2013. A novel stirred scraped wall crystallizer designed for melt and eutectic freeze crystallization, Proceedings 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ICCGE-17) Warsaw, Poland, 11-16 August,
Vaessen, R.J.C., Janse, B.J.H., Seckler, M.M., Witkamp, G.J. Evaluation of the Performance of a Newly Developed Eutectic Freeze Crystallizer Scraped Cooled Wall Crystallizer, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 81(2003), A10, 1363-1372
Van der Ham, F., Witkamp, G.J., De Graauw, J., Van Rosmalen, G.M. Eutectic Freeze Crystallization Simultaneous Formation and Separation of Two Solid Phases, J. Cryst. Growth 198-199(1999), 744-748
Van der Ham, F., Seckler, M.M., Witkamp, G.J. Eutectic Freeze Crystallization in a New Apparatus: The Cooled Disk Column Crystallizer, Chem. Eng. Proc. 43(2003), 161

The intellectual property belongs to a company K2013045297(South Africa) (Pty Ltd), registration number: 2013/045297/07 trading as Industrial Process Solutions (IPS) of which the world wide intellectual property is registered to.
The IPS Crystallizer was introduced to the world at the Bi-Annual Conference on Crystallisation in Warsaw, Poland during August 2013.

We are in a process of finalizing a seven year contract/licensing rights with a company in India called Mazda Limited. Please receive additional annexure's describing the possible applications of our crystallizer.

We are seeking equity partners (funding) for worldwide commercialization of the crystallizer. Hope this introduction finds you well and is eagerly waiting to communicate on a more formal basis with yourselves. Please feel free to contact me by email provided.

To view the presentation and the business plan click this link

Yours sincerely

Dr. Rousseau Strydom
Managing Director

Financial information

Looking for a license with royalties and an equity partner.
The crystalliser has been introduced to companies worldwide. In the process of signing a seven year contract wit a company in India. According to the description above the value of the crystalliser is in excess of Euro 100 million.

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