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The S-n-O-Ring -Device to alleviate snoring

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A device to alleviate snoring is disclosed. It is an appliance that fits into the mouth, is held against the roof of the mouth by means on the upper premolars, and presses against the soft palate, preventing the soft palate from descending into the airway of the user.

I know there is further marketing details which need to be done. Including, testing, developing, packaging, manufacturing and sales.
The cost is low to produce such a high demanding product. Finding the right Persons or Company, to produce and sell, this ALL NEW....stop snoring device,
I call the S-n-O-Ring, to those who NEED it...!!!

Financial information

They say, make sure Number$ are included for a good presentation.....!!!
With over 700 million in the USA alone. There is at least 20% that Snore, at least 10% WILL buy the S-n-O-ring. That's 70 million to be sold in the USA alone.
If sold at $20.00 (they say less is more; But a lower cost is a guarantee for more overall sales), manufacturer priced $10.00, cost to make under $2.00. That would be an $8.00 profit for every S-n-O-Ring.
These are low ballpark estimates; It is a simple fact that-Ways to Stop Snoring, is a Billion dollar industry.
With those facts stated.....I think it's time to talk business.

The S-n-O-Ring

I would like to offer this New Patent, for a licensing contract. I am also open to an out right buy. Is easy to use & made with simple FDA parts; I'm looking for a serious company or manufacturer to work with. So that will their good wisdom & along with my new Product.....A business can begin from the demand of the product itself.

*The picture is a Hand Made Product Prototype for Presentation.*

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