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New modem technology

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Information about new modem technology (NMT)

Concern "KOSS" finds the fundamental technical decision in sphere of the information technologies, giving the chance substantial growth of speed and transmission quality of the information. On this basis the new modem technology (NMT) for various communicating devices and a location is developed and patented in Russia and abroad. Its application allows not only it is essential to raise technical parameters of these devices, but also to receive the considerable economic benefit. Transmission rate in such information devices and systems will be restricted to only technological possibilities of hardware manufacturers.
Threshold characteristics of the modern communication systems in many respects depend on the coordination of limiting characteristics of demodulators and methods of noise-resistant coding. Now the most effective type of noise-resistant coding is the Turbo-coding, which application at losses 1-1, 5 dB allows to reach the limiting information transfer rates. These possibilities of the Turbo-coding haven't found till now wide application in information transmission systems as the main hindrance of usage of the Turbo-coding is the demodulator constructed on traditional technology.
NMT allows to reduce demodulation "thresholds" and by that to provide effective application in Turbo-coding modems. It gives the chance to implement probability characteristics of system of coding. Thus received system is easily inscribed in already existing infrastructure of a radio communication, and its technical characteristics allow to save energetic and-or frequency resources in comparison with existing systems at saving of the same information transfer rates.

With help of NMT it is possible to refine essentially again created and old wire systems of subscriber access (equipment of "the last mile»), having solved thereby a problem of magnification of information transfer rate on a section "subscriber-station" without changeover of traditional telephone cables on fiber optic [1].

In wireless systems usage NMT for counterfeit frequency ranges [2] allows to exceed technologies Wi-Fi both a WiMax on interference immunity and transmission quality of the information, and also modems of firms Proxim and Adtran at the expense of the best parameters in counterfeit frequency ranges 2400÷2483 MHz and 5725÷5850 MHz.

In systems of short wave communication application [7] gives to technology a scoring practically on 10 dB in comparison with the requirement of standards STANAG/MIL-STD-188-110A/B/

In satellite communication systems NMT [3] allows to create the modems exceeding on the parameters satellite modems - the leader world modembuilding firms "Comstream" («RADYNE COMSTREAM») as to implement the new transmission method of the information in the project of standard DVB-S2 created for the European countries and implying possibility of transmission of great. volumes of the information with high quality and the big speeds. Today the project of this standard doesn't provide turbo-coding usage (on speeds more low 3/5) as miss corresponding technical decisions as agreed the demodulator, with turbo-coding characteristics.

Application NMT with lower "thresholds" of demodulation, as appears from the above-stated, can raise considerably efficiency of all transmission systems of the information created under standard DVB-S2. In the table specific types of modulation and speed of coding which could solve problems of this standard are resulted.

Modulation 8PSK 16QAM 32QAM
Coding rate 1/2 1/3 1/3 3/8 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/3 1/2 2/5 3/5
Thus, NMT opens ample opportunities for creation of new standards of communication. [4 [5] [6]
The practical results received by Concern "KOSS" at implementation ofspecific communication systems under the state contracts have allowed to define the main direction of perfection and development NMT at the expense of creation of small-size numeral units, both wide application, and a special purpose. It will give the chance to provide the considerable economic benefit.

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