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The Susie Slamit

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My name is Justin Manseau, and here we have the next hot sex toy. The Susie Slamit. This universal suction cup adult toy mount is going to fly off the shelves faster than the Sybian or the Bon Bon ever have. The Susie Slamit has a few features the competition is lacking. When thinking of a new toy for my wife and I to have fun with, buying the Bon Bon came to mind. But I thought to myself I can make a love/sex pillow better than the Bon Bon, or the Sybian. I wanted it to be universal, so the customer can use all of their own suction cup toys. The mount at the top is hand formed hard plastic with excess overhanging plastic molded to the contour of the top of the mound, allowing max grip with any suction cup toy. Also included on the plastic mount are clitoral stimulating bumps in the shape of an S, for increased pleasure. Inside of the molded plastic is a 5 function bullet, turning any plan suction toy into a vibrator (remote is outside the pillow). The pillow is a custom half circle shape, made from firm foam. Designed to take abuse from a bouncing 300 pound individual. But enough give for soft grinding pleasure of a 100 pound person. The toys plastic mount is attached with 2 straps rapping around the pillow and mounted to the plexy glass base. All held on with over 85 rivets, total. In addition, all stress points have been coated with a fabric/plastic adhesive for added strength. Two additional straps are in place on the bottom (between the mound and plexy glass) to hold the pillow in place, while you partner loses control in ecstasy. These straps are held on with a durable fabric over top of these two straps, held on with rivets. Allowing the support straps to be adjusted or removed. And can fit anything from a queen size bed (king size is optional), to a bar stool. The slip cover is a durable, soft, washable, and removable. It is hand made with one yard of fabric, and has a pouch on the face for the remote from the bullet to slide into. Two slits on the bottom of ether sides, are for the support straps to move freely. And an open spot on the top, for the mount to be exposed. The market research has already been done for the Susie Slamit, thanks to the Sybian and the Bon Bon. The world is ready for this great invention to come into their lives, and make their relationships go to the next level of pleasure. This product is ready to be mass produced and sold in your stores and on you websites. The Susie Slamit has the potential to be your flagship product, and bring your company to another level. Or keep your company at number one. I am a 27 year old veteran, husband, and father of two beautiful girls. And wish to make their lives better with my invention. I wish to sell this patent/product for a lump sum, and a percentage of royalties (negogitable).

My contact information is:
[Use the button below to contact me]; 603-455-7692; Alt-603-455-7612.

Financial information

I am looking for someone, or a company to buy my patent and prototype; for a lump sum of money and a small percentage of royalties from future sales of finished product. All negotiable!

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