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Vertical food smoker/cooker

[Category : - Cooking]
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A vertical food cooker includes: (a) an open-bottomed upper warming portion including: a support frame, a temperature measuring gauge, an adjustable upper air vent, and an openable cooker lid, the support frame including a substantially cylindrical-shaped upper collar and at least two spaced apart rails extending generally downward from the upper collar
(b) a cooker base portion including: a burn chamber, an adjustable base damper to the burn chamber, a substantially planar fire pan at a bottom of the otherwise bottomless burn chamber, and at least three legs
(c) a cooker mid portion between the upper warming portion and the base portion, the mid portion including between about one and about six substantially cylindrically shaped, open-bottomed, independently openable, stacked cooking drawers
and (d) grate brackets attached to the support frame, each of the cooking drawers, and the burn chamber
grill grates being supportable on the grate brackets. An expandable base unit vertical food cooker and a cooker add-on kit are also included.

Financial information

sale or licensing agreement.
Have prototypes with engineered drawings
It smokes steams grills all types of food or can be used as 4 different cooking surfaces at once .Has rottiserie, can remove racks and do a small pig ,great as outdoor pizza oven can cook 1 chicken or 100 lbs with same amount of charcoal or wood.Super efficient design has a 2x2 footprint but 4x6 surface area makes anyone a BBQ master overbite.Has a $ 20,000,000 potential over lifetime of patent.

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