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Multi-Sided Display Sign Apparatus

[Category : - Advertising methods]
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Description: Invention is designed for outdoor advertising of the rotating elements class.

The invention is called: Multi-Sided Display Sign Apparatus.
It is patented in the U.S. and the number is: US 7,509,762.
It is also patented in Europe (EPO): EP 1,729,275.
This European patent is validated and therefore valid in only five European countries. They are as follows: Demark, France, The United kingdom and Switzerland (the Liechtenstein has a bilateral patent agreement with Switzerland)

The “Multi Sided Display Sign Apparatus” is a higher evolution of the popular “Tri-vision” displays in that it uses prisms of square cross section instead of prisms of triangular sections. It uses an ingenious system to displace alternate prisms so that they can rotate without clashing. For this reason it can display four different visuals sequentially (instead of only three) and depending on the mode of use, it can display separate visuals on its front and rear surfaces at the same time.
In addition, it can carry LED modules on one or more of is four faces, enabling it to combine most of the advantages of the two different technologies into one, while eliminating some disadvantages. The patents are valid till, May, 2026.

A Youtube video animation of the billboard is available. Please use the link below.

Also, there are acceptance issues with the LED displays due to distractions they cause to drivers along highways where they can be seen. It is like watching television while driving on the highway. Some counties and towns in the USA are opposing the erection of LED billboards. This means there is still room for my invention category in those areas and in developing nations. In addition, my invention can carry LED strips on some of its faces, so that is can be programmed to operate in LED mode or standard mode operating as a LED/rotating display hybrid.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale of all five patents.

I will consider $600,000 (US) for all five patents which are valid in six countries:
The USA and five countries in Europe:Demark, France, The United kingdom and Switzerland (the Liechtenstein has a bilateral patent agreement with Switzerland)

Compared to LED displays of similar display size, this system can be made at a fraction (less than 20%) of the cost. Compared to the existing tri-vision displays this system can made at about 10% more but with up to a 50% advantage because it has four faces instead of the usual "three" faces of the Tri-vision display and this system can display front and back simultaneously.
Also, it can function as LED hybrid.

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