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PVC Roofing Material

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- DESIGN PATENTS]
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This is a roofing material made of PVC plastic. This is a durable, light weight, easy to install roofing material that is easy to transport due to its light weight and will not break or chip if dropped from the roof during the installation process. This type of roofing can be offered in 3 different grades based on the thickness of the panels. (ie Light, Medium and Heavy duty). This material can withstand winds up to 150/mph and can be offered in a variety of colors and will not fad. This roofing also acts as and insulation agent. This roofing can also be guaranteed to end customers for up to 50 years, based on the grade of roofing purchased. This roofing also includes end caps which cover the opening to prevent birds and rodents from entering the roof of the building.

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I am interested in licensing this patent for 20% of royalties. The terms of this agreement are negotiable.

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