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(EARLY SALE)Electronic LPG optimum burning system(sensor)PATENT

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Appliances and houseware- Cooking]
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*Present invention " Electronic LPG optimum burning system(sensored &auto)" patent ,india.

is a very high efficient lpg burning system for kitchen use,Old cooking system with of low thermal efficiency,about 60%, henceold lpg stove can not burn/utilize 100% lpg,hence it waste LPG about 40% & creat pollution.
.Present invention is a very high efficient lpg burning system can minimise LPG wastage.minimise air pollution,green house gas.It can save LPG upto 31%.reduce pollution(GHG) 31%.

*Priciple: Optimization of Lpg/Energy burning system. By using sensored electronic device with modified burner. *Pic attached.*live demo url.. Attached.Used for kitchen cooking.

*Novelty: Unique technology to minimise lpg wastage. device stop lpg wastage Rs.42 crs./day(Rs.15000crs/yr) in india. World effect 5 times of india.*benefit/Effect..In india for 12 crores kitchen,daily lpg saving 14000mt.ton,Rs 80+/- crs/day. green house gas reduction 42000 mt.ton/day.
**World effect 5 times of india*product price device & modified burner Rs 2400( $ 40 ) minimum..Earn carbon credit Rs 700/ divice in life time.
*Benefit: saving for all demestic lpg cylinders users in india/world. National energy save. With pollution /ghg cut.

*** Live here......copy paste




Financial information

* i want outright sale of my patent. Or licenseing royalty..

*Patent not sold.

*Market-*Market Rs.15000 crs in india/kitchen lpg users. for 12 to 15 crs device.
World market 1500 crores $. For 60 crore device.

* specific condition- my photo & name patent no. will be used on product. With my nominated person as employer in india /world 50 nos.

* no other patent. Trade mark



Mob - 91 9734605104 (india)

e mail- [Use the button below to contact me]

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