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A sealed composite bin for accommodating and delivering powder or particle material has multiple main bin units (11-13) arranged vertically and connected with each other, each including an arched main top part (111), a cylindrical main side wall (112) and a conical main bottom part (113). The radius of each main side wall is approximately the same, the in-line arrangement of the multiple main bin units (11-13) make the distance between the axes of the adjacent main bin units less than the sum of the radii of the two corresponding main side walls, and the multiple main bin units are communicated with each other.

A supplementary bin unit (21) is provided between the adjacent main bin units, and the supplementary bin unit (21) includes a supplementary top part (211) connected to the top parts of the adjacent main bin units and cylindrical supplementary side walls (212,212')connected to the side walls of the adjacent mai bin units. The structure of the composite bin of the invention can obtain more inner volume by using the same amount of material for the exterior surface, and hence improves the using efficiency of the material.

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