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Provided are a simple container or device for making soda and enabling end consumers to make soda with ease and fun developed and enhanced are portable packages for soda making raw material further developed are operation models for micro or small enterprises and soda self-making related devices providing employment opportunities in a new micro industry to numerous people who become unemployed due to industrial or economic transformation encouraging the people to invest in self-making soda sales, and to research and develop unique, popular, customized recipes the self-making soda container or device is an airtight, watertight container that comprises a sealing lid, a secondary open container disposed inside of the container, or a one-way inward valve disposed on the sealing lid of the container or on the body of the container.

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A revolutionary soda drink distributional manufacturing industry, system & equipments, it have the energy saving & environment protecting functions. The distributional soda drink industry, which is including both of the chemical and physical soda drink manufacture systems, with an independent liquid carbon dioxide distributing system to support the physical soda drink manufacture. Traditional soda drink concentrated manufacturing industry can be fully replaced by it.
The end customer by using this innovative reusable device, it is a PC plastic high inner pressure container, can easily make soda drink by chemical or physical methods. Thus, our environment severely polluted by PET bottle can be resolved as the distributional manufacturing industry to be accepted gradually. It is saving energy on transportation; water is the main component of which the soda drink in the traditional concentrated manufacturing industry and it is also saving energy and material on PET bottle manufacture in previous industry.
Anyone including a kid can easily enjoy making soda drink with fun, at anytime and anywhere, office or home, no matter on the mountain or at the seashore, even soldiers in the battlefield. By using this innovative reusable device, enjoy yourself with fresh soda drink immediately.
This high inner pressure container, it contains a main container, a cover, an O-ring, a sub-container, and a valve. The main container, and the cover with an O-ring, can be fixed connecting and keeps airtight. In chemical method, the sub-container filled with sodium bicarbonate, the main container filled with citric acid, soda flavor, and drinkable water; sealed it and turn upside down, then the soda drink is ready. In physical method, this sealed container to be filled with soda flavor, and drinkable water, liquid carbon dioxide to be injected through a ball needle insert in the valve on cover, pull out the needle, then the soda drink is done.

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