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Fishing rod with elastic sling bait launcher

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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The PowerCast is a highly professional fishing rod with a (32 claim) patented sling-shot method of casting that achieves superior accuracy along with many other advantages as follows.

1. Cast and fish along lakes, ponds, rivers and streams where traditional casting is virtually impossible because of brush, low hanging trees and other obstructions. No matter how rugged or dense the terrain, if you can position yourself near the edge of the water, the PowerCast rod will easily cast your bait regardless of restricting foliage and other obstacles that surround you.

2. Cast your bait exactly where you want it. A few casts with this rod, and you will quickly discover that the PowerCast method of casting is considerably more controllable and accurate than traditional casting.

3. Provides effortless casting. The PowerCast fishing rod eliminates the arm fatigue generally caused by traditional casting when casting long distances for many hours.

4. Much safer than traditional casting. Anyone, (even children) can safely cast from a small fishing boat or other crowded areas with no danger of snagging himself or anyone else.

5. Cast from piers and other areas where overhead casting is prohibited.

6. The PowerCast Fishing Rod requires no overhead clearance for casting; therefore you can fish in comfort from under a shade tree or an overhead protective canopy on hot sunny days or rainy downpours.

7. The PowerCast fishing rod will easily cast most all of the popular plugs, spoons, spinners, crank baits, artificial flies, plastic soft baits, salmon eggs, dough bait, buzz baits and spinner baits.

The PowerCast – Auto Cast Fishing Rod offers amazing advantages like no other fishing rod ever!

Financial information

I would like to sell the patent outright, however I am open to any type of an offer that is reasonable.

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