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Load & Surge Switching Circuit

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A solar and battery powdered 120v,60hz, ac power supply consisits of a dc to ac inverter, a charge controller, a 12v battery pack, and solar panels. Attached to the load and surge switching circuit are two ac plugs with leads, a two conductor wire for positive and negative dc power, and a 15amp power strip with surge protection. One of the ac plugs is plugged into the inverter's ac outlet, while the other ac plug is plugged into a standard household ac outlet. The two conductor wire is attached to the 12v battery pack to monitor its voltage. AC powered appliances are plugged into the 15amp power strip. The appliances plugged into the power strip are powered by inverter ac power when the battery pack is charged, and the appliances are powered by household ac power(grid power) when the battery pack is being charged by the solar panels. This is done automatically by the load switching circuit while maintaining virtual continuous appliance operation during switching(< 1/20 of a sec). The surge switching circuit will automatically switch the power strip load from inverter ac to power to household ac power whenever the battery pack doesn't have enough power to start-up an appliance(surge power), and then will automatically switch the power strip load back to inverter ac power after the surge is over and the appliance is running(continuous power). This is done automatically while maintaining virtual continuous appliance operation during switching(< 1/20 of a sec). This may be needed for appliances like refridgerators that require a lot more start-up power than running power.

What is innovative about your invention?

It's an inexpensive way to safely switch a load between two ac power supplies, where the two power supplies do not have to be operating in phase and do not have to have similar waveforms. That is, you can use a modified sine wave ac inverter for one power source and pure sinusoidal household ac for the other source. This also reduces the cost of the inverter. The load and surge switching circuit makes solar and battery powered supplies more useful by removing the large surge current demands from the battery pack which allows you to power larger appliances with less battery power. It integrates green energy and grid energy without having to make connections to the power box or power meter; which gives the user total control over the integration and utilization of grid energy. The circuit can also be used with wind and battery powered supplies since they also require a dc to ac inverter. The automatic overload switching capability between inverter ac power and houselhold ac power along with the automatic low battery and charged battery switching capability allows you to match the power strip load to inverter ac power for best results. This helps to compensate for differences between expected and actual inverter ac power based on battery pack and solar panel performance.

Target User/Target Customer:

Anyone looking for an alternative energy source or looking to improve the usefullness of their current alternative energy source. Anyone looking for an inexpensive and safe way to switch an ac load between two power supplies with virtual continuous operation(< 1/20 of a sec).

Financial information

The circuit design is simple enough and inexpensive enough to be built and understood by anyone with a basic knowledge of electronics and is also able to read a schematic. All of the parts can purchased on line from a reputable electronics distributor. Most of it can be assembled on solderless breadboards. All of it has been built and tested. If anyone is interested in this circuit or thinks they can benefit from it; then additional info can be provided free of charge. This invention is more about making a difference than making money. For additional info text Greg: 860-722-4442

Picture 1(below)-Overview of idea

Picture 2(below)-Load switching circuit with load current sensing feedback
control circuit

Picture 3(below)-Load current sensing feedback control circuit;the load
current sensing circuit can detect a rms sinusoidal load current
of 15ma or more and a rms modified sine wave load current
of 30ma or more

Picture 4(below)-Load switching circuit with coil relays

For faster switching between power supplies, solid state relays can be used with a load voltage sensing feedback control circuit or with the load current sensing feedback control circuit.

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