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immobilized bentonic microalgae waste water cleaning technique

[Category : - Agriculture- Food- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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Immobilized bentonic micro algae based waste water cleaning technique

The calcium alginate based immobilization is followed by incorporation of the capsules in the waste water.

After controlled growth of the immobilized material, the capsules yield an alginate containing algal biomass with the simultaneous outstanding removal of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The results have been demostrated with Chlororarcinopsis, Pseudopleurococcus, Palmellopsis gelatinosa, Macrochloris, Phormidium jeukelianumum and Phormidium molle species.

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Many naturally attached species grow in wastewater, and they are relatively easy to obtain and isolate.
However, only a few algal groups have sucessfully demostrated effectiveness for the application in waste water treatment

Cyanobacteria species are easiest to culture and easy to keep in monoalgal cultures with fast growth in free and immobilized cultures. Our benthic species showed superior behavior in N and P removal, persistence in beads, and ease of culture compared with previously studied planktonic species.

Therefore, the single species system (such as Macrochloris sp) operates adequately and has thus far been taken for use in wastewater treatments.

We are looking for an outright sale and/or a licensee for this invention that has not been previously marketed.

The market potential is above 350K USD/year considering a 10% of the total market share

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