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Photographic device for powerful creative effects

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It can be defined as a universal attachable "slit-scan photography" device with new advantages in static photography light filtering. The invention presented here is a device attachable to camera lens capable of producing in conjunction with the camera and the lens, creative effects in the capture of moving subjects and new ways of filtering the light from a scene.

Photos made with the device:


Apart from the motion capture effects the device can perform functions equivalent to gradient tinted glass filters without using tinted glass, just using certain light slit forms.

also provides a way of working with colored glass filters with the advantage of require much smaller color filters than those made now.

I can provide a detailed explanation of the invention in PDF to everyone who´s interested.

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Photos made with the device:


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Patent Note: in the above link you can see the report on the state of the art EIT in which machines cited above invalidate allegedly inventive, this is because I wrote some too broad claims, which has led to the consequent negative first examination from the Spanish Patent office. As you can see if you observe such examination, it cites some slit-scanning photography devices but with very different characteristics to mine and without any functionality in color or attenuation filtering techniques. This has already been fixed in the new set of claims filed that have not yet been published.

the Movescan is a simple to build device that gives the photographer many new creative capabilities.

The production of effects of deformation and transformation of moving subjects and the many advantages described in the techniques of light filtering make this device be of interest to any amateur or professional photographer. Furthermore the fields of photography where we can presuppose its usefulness are very varied: action, portrait, urban, landscape, sport, entertainment, dance, art photography, etc.

The manual nature of its use returns to the photographer the pleasure of doing things with his own hands. And the exercise of imagination that means thinking about how to use the device with the scene that is in front of the camera is also very stimulating for the photographer who always wants to get new results in their works.

Advantages over the production of motion capture effects:

In photography, producing effects of deformation of the figures due to its movement is generally limited to those derived from use of a relatively long exposure time in which the figure covers a space on the surface of the frame during that time interval. The results are blurred figures with traces of the position of each part of this figure at any time in that period of time because the light is arriving to the sensor-negative simultaneously from the entire scene.

There is a technique commonly known as "slit-scan photography" which is based on the concept of scanning the scene through a single fringe. It is something that is used for example for "photo-finish" photography, and there are also some programs to produce videos of this kind digitally.

However, to SLR photography we have no notice of the marketing of a universal use device with the portability and simplicity of use of the one presented here and even less that provides those new and advantageous ways of filtering the light that we´ll explain later.

With the Movescan we can take pictures of scenes with moving subjects in a manual way and producing creative images in which their morphology becomes unstructured or transforms into abstract figures full of dynamism due to the interaction between Movescan´s movement and the movement of the subject.

The visual richness in terms of textures and recognizable details that remain moving figures photographed with Movescan is far superior to what you would get simply by making a long exposure photography in the classical manner in which the subject is completely blurred.

These effects are not reproducible in Photoshop or any other software because we could not electronically apply effects of displacement and deformation to the subjects while respecting the background on which they are, unless we get into laborious processes mixing several shots of the same scene.

Another concrete example of improvement over typical photographic technique we have for example in sweeping photography, in which the photographer moves the camera to follow the subject so it stays in the same position in the frame. If we combine this technique with using a Movescan, i.e. if in addition to moving light slit we move the camera to follow the subject, we get a more specific in its details and better isolation of the subject from the background.

From photo 19 onwards, the technique used has been to move the camera while moving the mobile plate, as we see, this can be oriented to improve sweep photographs (runner) or to produce abstract compositions where concretion in forms is lost in favor of a general feeling of movement.

Advantages over neutral light filtering techniques:

Currently are used glass filters capable of attenuating the amount of light that enters the lens, are neutral density filters. These can be of variable opacity, such as the gradient filters, which attenuate the amount of light passing through the filter in some parts more than others. There are also constant neutral density filters whose function is to attenuate all light that enters the camera lens alike.
The Movescan can perform functions equivalent to these two kinds of filters without using tinted glass, just using certain light slit forms.

Advantages over color filtering techniques:

Currently are used plenty of different color filters to produce color effects of all kinds, and attenuation effects or highlight of the parties with certain color ranges in order to produce black and white photos, (e.g. red filter for darken the blue sky on a black and white photo).
All these filters have in common that must be large enough to cover the entire frame showed by the lens.
With Movescan is enough make a filter that covers nothing but the slit through which light enters, resulting in a significant saving of the material required.

To perform color filtering is proposed a vertical light slit, which has in the ends thereof threaded male protrusions, in said protrusions, can be inserted a piece composed of various color filters in the form of strips glued to supports that have holes located above and below said strips, in order to insert the piece in the male protrusions. In this way we match the color filter we want with the light slit and then we fix the piece with two nuts that are screwed into the male protrusions.

The variety of strip-shaped filters with which we could constitute this piece is enormous.

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