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Innovative Fitness Equipment Patent

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My name is James Nazzaro, I have an idea that I truly believe will take working out to the next level. Growing up in Braintree, MA, I began to play hockey at a very young age. As time went on I began to develop my love and passion for the game. My character, leadership, and work ethic have allowed me to become not only the hockey player, but also the person I am today. My love for the game and aspirations to be the best that I can be instilled in me a passion for the gym. My goal is to take my game and training to the next level. I firmly believe this idea, if made a reality, would allow millions of athletes across the world to achieve that same goal. I thought of my invention while participating in fall workouts with my team's strength coach. Some days we would bench/ squat and two people would stand on either side of the bar to change the weights so that the person working out could jump right into the next set to receive maximum strength training and waste little time. There were other days where we would do normal sets of bench and squats with rest in between each. While working out, mentally, I am in the zone, and having to change the weights in-between sets can be distracting and also allows no time to stretch /recuperate for the next set. Also at the end of the fall we did a squat test to determine our one rep max. By placing a bench behind us and taping it while squatting I was able to know the proper depth for each squat. However when squatting down and making contact with the bench, I lost all my momentum and explosion that would allow me to lift the weight. After loosing my momentum and not being able to stand up with the weight on my back, my coach cut me off. I knew I could lift the weight and I knew that I was not fatigued, but I was cut off and felt as if I wasted a workout. After our workout I talked with my teammates and it seemed as if we all ran into the same problem during the test. Being with a group of very competitive athletes, many were distraught about losing momentum and being told to stop working out too early. Always wanting to improve myself I asked my coach how I should correct my form, while squatting, to allow myself to lift more. He told me stuff such as " load your heal," "back straight," "don't let your knee cross your toes," "slant your feet out," all of which would have been helpful if I knew exactly what he was talking about. After continually experiencing these problems every workout, and hearing from teammates, friends, and athletes from everywhere I've trained experience the same problems, I knew there had to be a new way to get the best out of every workout. This is when I came up with the idea of NazzFit. NazzFit is a very innovative idea that would benefit not only millions of athletes trying reach their full potential but also anyone who wanted to get the most from their workouts to be in the best shape possible. NazzFit would be a bench/ squat rack machine that would automatically change the weights on the bar for you. All the user would have to do is punch the desired weight into a keypad conveniently located on the machine. This would allow the lifter to jump right into another set or to stretch and properly rest for the next set so that he/she could get the most out of it. NazzFit also has sensors that beep when a user has reached a proper squat depth. This allows the user to hear the beep and explode up without loosing any momentum taping a bench. The front wall of the machine would be a screen. The camera on top of the machine would record exercise and not only play it live while someone is working out but also show replay so that a coach can show exactly what the user needs to correct in his/her form. This will lead too much more beneficial, efficient, and proper workouts. With fatigue sensors less injury will occur. This idea is the perfect addition to any gym, locker room, college weight room, training facilities, high school, or home. NazzFit would be ideal for professional athletes, college athletes, high school athletes, and younger athletes, also weight lifers, trainers, coaches, adults, and teens looking to get in shape. Coaches would find this very useful in teaching correct form. A coach would also like that Nazzfit allows for players to get the most out of their workouts, without getting hurt. Due to the automatically changing weights, no more waiting to change the weights for the weaker kids on the team and then having to put them back on for the stronger kids. All you have to do is step in, type in your weight, and then the next player is up. Full teams can work out in a short amount of time, which would be great for a school in which many people/ teams would have to use the machine. NazzFit would be great for homes with its convenient size and user friendliness. A card can also be used in this invention that would project on the front screen workout progress, charts, weight loss etc. This is an idea that I dream of seeing in gyms across the world. NazzFit has potential to be the next big thing as it will be the most modern, innovative, and helpful product to hit the weight-room.

Financial information

This idea is perfect for gyms, colleges, locker-rooms, airports, hotels, pre-schools, High-schools, trainning facilities.

Make a whole gym of NazzFit's in an airport so that people can workout quickly and efficently during layover. Make them pay to use and start to make a huge profit.

30% royalties and the rest is yours
machines to me as well when needed

Dont miss the oppurtunity to make lots of money and see this invention in gyms across the world.

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