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Track electric motor health to identify time of failure.

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Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer program products (i.e., software) for electric motor testing and analysis. Electric motor winding resistance and motor temperature are measured. The resistance measurement is normalized to a common temperature and electronically displayed in a resistance versus time graph including one or more previously normalized resistance values from previous resistance and temperature measurements. Based on information from the graph, a prediction or estimation can be made as to the remaining acceptable or satisfactory operating time of the electric motor. Such prediction or estimation may be used as an indicator for replacing or refurbishing the electric motor, or as an indicator for performing preventative maintenance on the electric motor. Please visit my web site Link or download an info sheet: Link

Financial information

I am an electrical engineer and I've worked in an industrial setting for 20 years. I see this product as a useful tool for maintenance engineers and technicians who would like to keep a database of electric motors with reliable insulation resistance measurements that have been normalized to a constant temperature for accuracy. The information from the product could be used to help estimate a predicted time of failure. This would aid in budgeting money and scheduling down time.
There are some similar products on the market but none can give the same level of accuracy this invention will.
This patent was awarded in April 2013 and is has never been previously sold. I am the inventor and owner of the patent as well as the web site
I am interested in a sale of the intellectual property.

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