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Air Hydropower - new huge global resource of energy & water

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You can get a national patent for AirHES for any European State for 3000 Euro only! It is even less than a usual cost of any national patent, plus you get the grandiose Intellectual Property to give your country a new huge renewable resource of green energy and fresh water, save ecology and climate!

Each cloud over your head is NPP unit, but much more cheaper and cleaner...

Please, see:
- Video - Link
- Presentation - Link
- Feasibility study - Link
- Blow-by-Storm study - Link
- Optimization of mesh - Link

It is known that the solar energy reaching to the planet is about 10,000 times greater than the needs of humanity. About a quarter of it goes to the evaporation of water and virtually always more or less evenly accumulates in the atmosphere at any point around the world. Since the annual precipitation is about 1 m of rainfall with an average height of 5 km, this gives a potential capacity of about 810 TW, which is more than 60 times greater than all the current needs of humanity (13 TW). Standard hydroelectricity can only use a small fraction of this energy, because all precipitation lose most of their potential energy on the way to the ground to overcome the resistance of the air and hit the ground. In order to use this potential energy more cost-conscious, it is necessary to collect the water at that altitude, where it condenses, and use all possible vertical hydraulic head. This is what constitutes the essence of the decision.

How to implement a solution – Air HP - Air (Cloud) Hydro Power

The scheme of one of the solutions is shown in Fig. Air HP provides a downstream (water‌’s outflow) 1, upstream (water‌’s inflow) 2, conduit (pipe, penstock) 3, the turbo generator 4, mesh, fabric or film surfaces 5, airship (air-balloon) 6, and the fastening ropes (tethers, lines) 7.

The airship 6 lifts the surfaces 5 at the height of near or above the dew point (condensation level by ARL sounding, base of clouds) for current atmospheric conditions (typically 2-3 km). There supercooled atmospheric moisture begins to condense (or collect from clouds) on the surfaces 5. The drainage system on the surfaces 5 assigns the water in a small reservoir (upstream 2), where water under pressure from whole hydraulic head (2-3 km) flows through the penstock or conduit 3 to the downstream 1 on the ground, producing electricity in the turbo generator 4.

The Air HP can be easily mounted in any convenient place for the consumer of electricity and water, simply by lifting and moving it entirely by using the same airship.

If at this point the winds are blowing steady permanent or it is a portable unit (for example, for tourists or military), you can do without the airship 6 and use surfaces 5 like the paragliding wing for self-containment of the assembly in the air (as occurs when you run a kite).

In addition to direct energy storage in the form of water supply upstream (similar to that performed on any Hydropower) AirHP can easily be modified to increase its storage capacity is about 600 times! It's enough to add hydrogen hose and to use ballonet aerostat, which in this case will not only ensure the maintenance AirHP elements, but also to keep a stock of hydrogen as an energy storage agent. It is easy to show that 1 kg of hydrogen (with a calorific value 120.9 MJ/kg) holds in the upper reach of about 10 kg of water with a supply of hydropower only 0.2 MJ. So on AirHP during overproduction of energy can always be by pumping hydrogen (produced by electrolysis at the bottom) and balanced drain to provide the necessary amount of water in the upper reach (to maintain steady-state design and minimize the tension holding the ropes) and magnified 600 times the amount of energy which, if necessary energy, can always be balanced so as to get back in the fuel cells (from hydrogen) and a turbogenerator (from water). By the way, you can still pick up on it and transporting hydrogen itself as a fuel in these airships, dirigibles transport such loads, etc.

What it gives?
• almost eternal and unlimited gratuitous electricity and clean water for drinking and irrigation, and anywhere in the world, where there are clouds
• minimum space on the ground (as under this HPS and under power lines), as well as the ability to use any surface (including the vast areas of deserts, seas, oceans, etc.)
• modular (you can collect any power plants from standard modules)
• mobility (for rapid redeployment, if necessary, or even for use in transport, for example, to supply ocean ships by electricity and drink water)
• cleanness and ecology because of the relatively small local hydro flows (in comparing with conventional HPS) and the complete absence of CO2, thermal, chemical or nuclear releases into the environment
• increasing the specific hydroelectric power (that is power per liter of water) by using the maximum possible hydraulic head between the upper and lower water level (from the height of the condensation of atmospheric moisture to the ground)
• significantly lower capital costs per unit of capacity and operational costs by comparing with any other known types of renewable and non-renewable energy
• possibility of additional uses for network communication, video surveillance, high-rise advertising, lightning protection, climate protection (for example, against hurricanes and tornadoes in the U.S. by placement on the seaboard of Gulf of Mexico), regulation of climate (by cutting off rains in St. Petersburg by placement on the dam at the prevailing southwest wind rose), AD (for example, for Israel), shade in hot countries, and much more…

Financial information

We are looking for any form of partnership (an outright sale, a license with royalties, R&D cooperation or another form of partnership).

Estimation for maximal output

In a thundercloud, close to equator, we have up to 5 g/m3 of LWC. Let it be only 1 g/m3, the altitude of 5 km, the usual wind speed here of 10 m/s, we get 500 W/m2. For comparing, a NPP unit of 500 MW is equal ~ 1 km2 of the mesh for Air Hydro Power. Not so much. And NPP unit is on the ground with the same space. Plus 100 km2 of emergency zone. And this land is lost forever. But we need only in a little place for the turbine, the rest part is on the altitude of 5 km.

So, if use economical approximation by extensive factor (i.e. on 1 m2 of active surface - $ 0.5 for double layer of PP mesh), then for big Air Hydro Power units by law “quadrate – cube” we can estimate the following specific capital costs: 
• For pessimistic estimation (by average data of passive fog collectors)
~ 2 W/m2 -> ~ $ 250/kW
• For optimistic estimation (by maximal data of active fog collectors)
~ 50 W/m2 -> ~ $ 10/kW
• For super optimistic estimation (by physical calculation on equator)
~ 500 W/m2 -> ~ $ 1/kW

In comparison,
• Gas turbine PS with ~ $ 500-700/kW for the largest cost about 5 cents per kWh,
• Conventional TPS with ~ $ 1500/kW for ~ 2.5 cents per kWh,
• Hydro PS with ~ $ 1000-3000/kW for ~ 0.5 cents per kWh,
• Nuclear PS with ~ $ 5000/kW for ~ 2.5 cents per kWh.

Major trends associated with the transition to renewable energy sources. It then becomes clear that resources are only sufficient for sun and (possibly) wind. Traditional hydropower does not have enough resources. However, the use of cloud energy changes this assessment. Principally it results from economics. All three methods of conversion (PV, wind, clouds) are the same order of magnitude of the energy density (~ 100 W/m2) , but only for AIR HYDRO all this energy with virtually no loss can be merged into one point (pipe / turbine), making part of the proportional m2 far cheaper than other alternatives. This implies the 1-2 orders of magnitude smaller Payback period that allows quickly rebuild the energetics and successfully pass the collapse of climate & oil in 2050.

Main advantages

• Huge potential that is dozens or hundreds times more than all human needs
• Almost world-wide use due to natural accumulation and rather equal distributing Sun’s energy in atmospheric moisture
• Huge energy storage potential with using the Air Hydro Power as pumped storage hydropower station and hydrogen storage (600 times more)
• Getting two most important resources together - electricity and fresh water
• The possibility for big Air Hydro Power to reduce energy costs by 2-3 orders of magnitude
• Absolute ecological security from any pollution (including CO2), saving climate and the heat balance of the planet

Air HP can solve all energy problems of mankind. Approximate Market: ~ $ 1,000,000,000,000. If someone wants to start production, to bring happiness to mankind and at the same time become the richest man on Earth – contact us, please. We have already tested a scientific prototype (see photo), and now we are looking for a partner for creating a technical prototype & production.

(Patent RU 2500854 C1 from 17.04.12, International Application PCT/RU2013/000070 and proper Patent Applications for Europe [EPV], USA, China, India)

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