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Electric Fan Driven Wind Turbine - WHO CARES IF THE WIND BLOWS!!!

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My invention is in the patent pending mode - Application # US 61/759,209

The two big problems with Wind Energy as an energy source for a home are
the very high initial cost and the ever-present problem of the wind not blowing all the time. My invention overcomes both of those problems.

I have named my invention the FANERATOR. The Fanerator consist of essentially four functioning parts:

1. The Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA which generates the
2. The High Velocity Electric Fan (Blowing directly on the PMA
Blades from a distance of only 8 inches)
3. The 80 amp-3 phase Rectifier. This 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier is
designed to handle high amps in environments where there is
little or no air movement, made possible by the integrated heat-
sink which is capable of dissipating excessive amounts of heat.
4. The AC/DC – A 1000 Watt Grid Tie Wind Turbine Inverter con-
verts the DC electricity to AC electricity which can
be plugged directly into a normal electrical outlet in the home
to flow into the house’s electical system.

The PMA, the High Velocity Fan and the Rectifier are contained in a
metal cabinet with wide louvered side panels to allow air flow. The cabinet will sit on a cement slab similar to that used for air conditioner compressors and be roughly the same size. The “wind” created by the High Velocity Fan blowing on the blades of the 750 Watt PMA cause the generation of 660 Watts of electricity to be produced each hour while the high velocity fan is consuming only 120 watts per hour. Those numbers mean that in 24 hours the Fanerator will produce about 15,840 watts, or 15.8 kilowatts. That electricity flows thru the Rectifier to the 1000 Watt Grid Tie Inverter and from the Inverter thru the AC plugin cable to a regular electrical outlet in the house and into the electrical grid of the house. As the electricity flows into the grid, the wheel on the house’s electrical meter will begin to spin backwards giving credit on the electric bill for the incoming electricity being generated by the wind turbine.

Financial information

I am interested in a transaction which repays my investment with a payment of $ 10,000.00, and including a 10% royalty position on future sales.

The potential market of this product is very simply every building that uses electricity. After the pay back period of 12 to 18 months, the owner would be producing his own energy and be finished with high and rising electric bills.

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