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Glass cooking pot

[Category : - Food- Cooking]
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Glass Cooking Pot is a pot that uses a metal base and borosilicate glass to create an easier, more positive cooking experience.
Glass Cooking Pot is borosilicate glass cookware that features measurements on the side and gives users a clear view of the contents for even, easy cooking. The invention may comprise cooking pots of all kinds that are constructed from borosilicate glass with a metal base. The design can feature measurement information on the side, enabling users to determine how much food is in the pot. The invention provides an effective, even means of heating items in order to cook a dish. In operation, a user can see more than the top layer of the contents of the pot, making it easier to know when to stir, adjust the heat or otherwise alter the dish. The invention can come in the same range of shapes and sizes as any standard cookware. The exact specifications may vary.

Provisional Patent # 14969346

Application #61765136

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