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System and methods for a multi-channel payment platform

[Category : - Indentification and payment methods- Ordering and selling methods]
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This patent is a "game-changer" order and payment solution, that implements an Universal Order and Payment Platform (UOPP) working as a "black box" processing facility for both customers and merchants.

UOPP offers a uniquely designed platform where customers can complete order and payments using a variety of ELECTRONIC DEVICES , including but not limited to public remote terminals, touch-tone telephones, smartphones, smart TVs, biometric readers etc.

In traditional e-commerce the customer goes to a specific web site or another generic container like E-bay or Amazon to buy the product he wants. This is not an « impulse » action, because it is planned, that means that the decision to buy stems from previous considerations the customer has already done.

UOPP approach is to provide merchants and customers with a complete order and payment solution to handle "impulse" purchasing (e.g. TV Shopping, press and TV adverts, IoT events etc). This approach is very different from the common e-commerce on the web, because it reverse the roles.

Therefore, with UOPP merchants no longer need to internally manage order and payments, as they let UOPP do it on their behalf.

UOPP completely re-engineers the current order and payment process with a new multi-channel, multi-merchant, multi-platform system that works as follow:

1. Customer E-Wallet Set-up: consumers create their wallets in the UOPP portal . Payment information (payment method, card number, bank account, etc.) are stored exclusively on UOPP secure server using a DEVICE ID and merchants don’t have access to it.

2. Merchant enrolment: merchants create their profile and marketplace on the UOPP platform, uploading all their items for sale with information about ITEM CODE, price, available quantity etc.

3. Purchases: UOPP will manage orders and payments automatically, RECOGNIZING THE CUSTOMER by the DEVICE ID, using data stored by the customer in his E-WALLET and RECOGNIZING THE MERCHANT by the ITEM CODE.

Please visit Link for more information on the platform and potential market applications.

Financial information

In our website:


we have provided some examples of potential market implementation of the platform. Market potential is huge, addressing IoT, television sales, mobility and many other usages.

We are open to sell or licence the patent.

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