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Electro Magnetic Prototype Guitar

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This is a a guitar that creates Square wave forms and Spike signals whereas the standard electric guitar with a distortion device produces Sign Wave forms and triangle signals. The difference is likened that of atomic sound at low and high frequency this prototype produces a pure noise signal. The square wave form creates electro magnetic radiation in the form of sound pulses. Subtractive synthesis is used in this kind what we call a sound prism . The square wave form and spike frequency are related to voice simulations ect. animals and so on. In todays boom stereo music this sound has such great marketable potential we listen with a rather innocent car stereo and in parts of the music the car was vibrating hard without hearing a sound. The low end is beyond any we have experienced that means you feel the sound but do not hear .Alot of documentary evidence plus we have the only prototype guitar that is a designed by borderline genus master Douglas Holmes. Further more the guitar is auctioned with all the music and films you will see on you tube. The potential for further research is astounding and demands investigation see this at 200,000 dollars minimum bid. This new guitar solves problems like the problem of of apathy in the guitar distortion field there for 50 approximate years. In the right hands its destined to change history on many levels ! There is one more thing a 1 percent royalty for life to Douglas Holmes for any moneys made by and through this invention all ways ! The entire auction price will be donated to a Non Profit religious based organization or sole corporation of Mr Holmes choice the Holmes / Baker and or Quality trade name will be affixed to said invention for life .......... Link

Financial information

WE are seeking a auction minimum price of 200 thousand dollars and a 1 percent royalty for life ! There will a tax write off as all proceeds will be donated to a American church of Mr Holmes choice. This invention has never been marketed and the market potential is exponential It comes with a number of intellectual pieces. This is a rough draft of said invention and terms ect, we reserve the right for grammatical or sentence corrections also the right to decline at any time for good reasons thereof ....... There will be a tax Id or 501 C3 provided for tax purposes thank you Mr Douglas Clarke Holmes / Baker [Use the button below to contact me] Link rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Link

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