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World's most powerful all-in-one garden hose attachment system.

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Lawn and Garden]
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A hand holdable applicator for delivering solutions and materials in a pressurized fluid system. Additives of solutions or materials are contained in replaceable, collapsible cartridges or liners, responsive and compressible to external fluid pressure regulated by the operator. Upon compression, additives combine with variably controlled fluid ingress and are mixed before dispersing through a nozzle having varying spraying configurations. The applicator may hold a plurality of cartridges, and additives may be administered separately or in combination.

World's most powerful garden hose attachment for doing all your outside chores. Go from washing and waxing your car to doing all your lawn & gardening needs in minutes with a new patented cartridge system. Exciting breakthrough state-of the-art-technology uses no venturi or gravity principles. Sprayer uses 2 small 4 oz stylized cartridges for each application. Wash and wax a car in 10 mins. with 4 gals of water then switch to fertilizing and weed control of your lawn and garden (20,000 sq ft) in just minutes. Simply select the right cartridge system for the right application. Automotive, lawn & gardening, applying insecticides, power wash decks and vinyl sidling, marine and aircraft, disinfect, sanitation, fragrance, ect. SMART (Save Money & Resources Today) small stylized cartridge system requires no measuring, mixing,no chemical contact, no spills,no waste and NO PLASTIC BOTTLES! Huge profit margin on replacement cartrige system. Discover tomorrow's future today! Beau Frog Technologies.
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