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Non invasive index for determining conditions of hypovolemia

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iHAT (indexed heart to arm time) is a non invasive index calculated from 2 monitoring signals: the electrocardiographic curve and the photopletysmographic curve (the pulse oxymeter wave). iHAT is the time it takes for pulse wave to travel from the heart to the peripheral arteries (ie in a finger) divided by the instantaneous herat rate (the inverse of the R-R interval). iHAT is therefore mesured from the R peak of the ecg wave to the peak of the pulse oxymeter following wave and divided by the RR interval.
iHAT has been shown to be able to detect small haemorrhage (below 20% of estimated blood volume) and to track haemorrhage evolution. (A first paper on Acta Anaesthesiologica, august 2013 is being published).
Potentially iHAT can be included in any monitoring system or be implemented as a stand alone portable monitoring tool to be used as a screening tool for out of hospital evaluation of patients following trauma where a non overt haemorrhage is suspected

iHAT device has been designed to work:
in out-of-hospital setting:
for fast triage of hemorrhagic patients
for monitoring of fluid resuscitation response
in military field missions:
for fast triage on battlefield
in inhospital setting:
for monitoring evolution of hemorrhage both during first ER evaluation and during surgical intervention
to reduce the need of blood transfusions and blood trasfusion complications (ARDS)

Financial information

We are looking for an outright sale or a license with royalties.
The potential market is the same market of portable pulse oxymeters: ambulances or other transportation facilities, operating rooms, emergency rooms, military field (for out of hospital triage)
The invention has never been sold or marketed before.

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