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Hollow-Ware Cookware Set

[Category : - Cooking]
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Hollow-Ware Cooking Set


Hollow-ware Cooking Set - cookware with a customized opening in the center that allows another piece of cookware to slide inside the slot of the existing cookware already in use on the stove, so both pieces of cookware can use the same heat source at the same time.

The problem this unique cookware solves is one of time and heat resources. In a restaurant back-kitchen working environment, time is of the essence.

A cook can be fired if they constantly goof up a recipe, because they (or someone) has to start all over - the challenge is that cooking station that someone was waiting to jump on is still occupied, and meanwhile the customer is sitting at the table - tapping their finger.

With hollow-ware the pots and skillets are not just interchangeable, their inter-slotted. They are made to allow multiple dishes to be cooked on the same heat source simultaneously.

The design in the multimedia briefing is just one of several inter-slotted designs that improve convenience in cooking in environments where time is essential, not to mention the money saved on public utilities.

The cookware is also designed so that all food being cooked can be checked and / or removed, without interfering with the other cookware on the same stove-eye.

The cookware id designed so that either piece of cookware can slide into or interconnect with the other regardless of which piece is placed on the stove first.

With Hollow-Ware cookware, because the existing cookware is already heated, the heating time for the second piece of cookware set in place will be shortened, because heat is drawn from the existing cookware already heated.

A search of the US and European Patent databases reveals no matching designs like it.

The functioning principals have been tested – but I do not have the resources to produce a prototype.

Financial information

Estimated Break down of cost:

Initial Prototyping is under $20,000.00

Suggested Retail Cost per set ($60.00)

Estimated net profit in the first year (12,200.000.00

The Multimedia Briefing – represent only one of 5 sets

The key selling points are:

o Novelty and practicality
o The ability to cook multiple meals on one heat source
o The Need for speed in a commercial cooking environment
o The money saved on utility coking bill


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