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Shoe inserts with built-in step indicating device

[Category : - Footwear]
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A shoe insert of the orthotic type made of a flexible material so that it can repeatedly flex without cracking and having a built-in step indicating device made of a stiff material that indicates to the user the posture or orientation of the foot at initial heel-to-ground contact through final toe-off.

Financial information

I am looking to sell my patent outright to any interested party.
Survey have shown that approximately 50% of the world population suffer from either excessive pronation or supination of the foot to some degree and as they grow old the problem gets worst. Included with the sale will be 3 testimonials from medical experts (two are foot surgeons) stating the potential of this product. The product is simple and cheap to manufacture.
Note: There are some typing errors by the USPTO office which are corrected in the Certificate of Corrections.

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