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About the House

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After twenty five years in the home improvement business, I have learned just how unorganized most home owners are. Important information regarding the house is often scattered about the home or lost. So I thought it was time to put together a log book wherein home owners can keep all their vital information in one place. i also have a version for the work place called "About the Office" that does the same job at work as well as home. This concept works very well with iphone apps as well as hard copy for the bookshelf.

Financial information

Kevin Harrington formally the CEO of Reliant International (the second largest infomercial company in the world) CEO of and now a shark on ABC-TV's "Shark Tank" reviewed this product and claimed it was very marketable and would run a TV spot when developed fully. I created this product and own the copyright to all it's contents. I can't afford to develop and market my product, so I am forced to sell the rights to it. As well as three others in the same format at additional cost. Or consider an invester to help market this product. All transactions will be done via my copyright lawyer. I am looking for a $100,000 buy out, or a % of all sales.

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