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Toys with timer-activated controllable operation time

[Category : - Toys and games]
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A timer activated toy that has a "run time" which correlates to the time interval of a user input. The toy may include both a button which can be depressed for a time interval and a switch that can be switched to an on position. The toy may have a motor or electronic sound circuit that is activated when the switch is turned on and a counter that counts to a count value after the button is depressed. The motor is deactivated when the counter reaches the count value. The toy will thus be activated for an interval that corresponds to the time the button is depressed. This correlation simulates filling a "gas tank" of the toy.

As the toy industry goes more and more electronic, the capability for a toy to directly respond to a child's input (amount of time a girl "feeds" her doll determines how long dolly coos, or begins crying, the amount of "gasoline" a boy pretend-fills into his race car determines how long or how fast it will run). There are toys on the market today that come close to infringement of this broad-claimed patent. Claim language extends beyond a car or a doll application.

1. A toy comprising: a housing;
an input device that is coupled to said housing and can receive an input from a user;
an electronic counter that is coupled to said input device and counts to a count value, said count value corre¬sponds to time that said input device received input from the user; and,
a switch that causes said electronic counter to count to said count value; and,
an output device that initially switches states at the beginning of said count value, and switches states again when the electronic counter counts to said count value.

Financial information

We would entertain an outright sale, or a license with royalties at this juncture. Mattel licensed non-exclusive rights to this patent for a period of time to market a "CARS"branded vehicle.

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