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Device that read mind

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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Key idea of the project consists in reading by the device of thoughts of people at distance, without any sensors on the head. By means of this device the paralyzed and healthy people will be able to operate all electronic devices and the computer at distance. Also this device is of interest to scientists. And also this device is of interest to children as a toy. The device switches on and off any electronic device, for example a light-emitting diode, remotely, by the power of thought of the person at distance, without sensors on the head.
If to replace buttons in the keyboard and a computer mouse with such sensors, it is possible to operate the computer by force of thought at distance. It is possible to put such sensors in light switches, and light will be switched off by power of thought at distance.
The companies making toys, light switches, computers and any electronic devices, and all people, especially disabled people, as my device operates electronics by force of thought can be consumers. There is a similar device: mind lamp (psyleron), distinguish my device that it is much simpler and cheaper.

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I want to sell the idea, or to patent together with you. You will get 70% of all profit.

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