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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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The tire-handling device (10) is a compact, lightweight tool for carriage within a motor vehicle trunk or storage compartment to facilitate handling of a tire (T) during a tire change or similar operation. The device includes a tire support cradle (30) supported by opposed vertically adjustable handles (32). The handles (32) and cradle (30) therebetween may be adjusted to position the cradle (30) beneath a tire (T) on a raised axle during a tire change, or for aligning a fresh tire with the wheel mounting studs of the wheel hub. Two mutually opposed tire support belt rollers are disposed within the cradle (30). A tire support belt extends between the rollers, allowing a tire (T) resting thereon to be rotated for alignment with the mounting studs of the vehicle wheel hub.

Layman Interpretation:

The " Tire Handling Device " of the present invention is a portable device for holding and manipulating a vehicle tire while changing a flat.

The “ Tire Handling Device ” will support the vehicle tire while the user is removing the tire from the vehicle wheel hub and upon placing the tire onto the vehicle wheel hub. The device also allows the user to rotary maneuver & align the tire onto the vehicle wheel hub.

The “ Tire Handling Device ” will be a great tool to have in your, or a family member personal vehicle trunk, especially; women who travel alone, elderly people, people who are limited in physical strength, kids traveling to and from schools and colleges, & for interstate / intrastate driving overall, etc… in which you are they; could potentially become the victim(s) of a flat tire anywhere, especially; on a dark, or less traveled road.

The “ Tire Handling Device ” is designed to be made user friendly and assist everyone in placing or removing their vehicle tires safely, expeditiously, and with ease when changing a flat tire on their vehicle; so you can quickly leave those uncertain areas that you are not familiar with.

The enclosed website consists of a visual presentation & virtual prototype to clearly convey how important this invention can be to millions of consumers who drive a personal vehicle, and also click on the actual patent numbers on the website to see the official patent documents.

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You can also view the picture attachments below to grasp a vision of how this invention is much needed on like type & other roads such as presented; for its desired objective as mentioned above.

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This invention is for Sale or Licensing as stated, and the economical & financial information acquired would be based on individual research & actual sales rendered by potential buyers or potential licensees, therewith; it has excellent market potential based on the fact that millions of vehicles driven daily by consumers within this targeted market would need this type of device as invented.

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