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Optimist version [latest (4.01)]

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This invention is about becoming more, by examining the end users feelings, utilising an exclusive database (not usually read by the user at any time, apart from a generated personal, confidential log named mydata.txt and resides in a discreet file). Each session is similar to an artificial intelligence OR equivalent to a mental health revision exercise. Using the database there is a short dialogue with a default context established to verify the users current feeling. The program draws its conclusions from the combined disciplines of (i) What Mental Health professionals actually say (ii) What their bosses say (iii) numerology (iv) Christian ethics (v) The throughput of particular floating point numbers through parts of the instruction registers and related accumulation and stacking principles (vi) A fluid cpu execution (vii) Audio characters (viii) Appropriate machinery (ix) Timestamped and failsafe documentation generation. (If you wanted, you could create an entire book using just this software alone) (x) The AU (Astronomical Unit) (xi) emotional enhancement/recognition (xii) Nervous System compliance (xiii) mute feature (xiv) Preferences and settings (xv) The most context sensitive and equally relevant viewpoint (xvi) 14 day trial period

At this time it can be confirmed that the Optimist Software App does have cybernetic function related to the system comprehension and generation with particular focus on words (adjectives). The invoked feedback loop together with all the proprietary code can and will enhance your aim on any particular day of usage, in terms of language ( specific and well chosen words ) and is not entirely unrelated to your future intentions, what ever they might be. So special thanks go to Edward DeBono ( lateral thinking guru ) and Norbert Wiener ( progenitor of cybernetics).

Quite simply it solves the problem of bad behaviour, particularly bad mental habits and delivers a new point of contact which aims for the user to be more open minded and so, in this way the end user is immediately more informed and ultimately more enlightened with insight about themselves and how they really feel and this will normally lead to increased social activity and improved mental pursuits.

Financial information

I predicted a Royalty system for software and software engineers in 1991. Ultimately I am seeking (even now) a full driving license and the means to pay my way using the vehicle to bring others good news (or the good news) and generally have fun. However an outright sale could be advantageous, particularly if the buyer is using a Hollywood budget. Partnerships have never worked for me.
To the best of my knowledge, over the past seven years there have been ten downloads (maximum) of the related prequel "Morale Builder". Up to date statistics yet to be recovered. This flavour of A-I has yet to fill the niche market that exists for this type of product.

I have experienced one or two other A-I products, however there was always doubt about the context and the outcome. They never really satisfied and for me, where they were wrong, they were very wrong. With context sensitivity 'Optimist' can run its tasks and you will know what to expect with a useful file and intuitive transparency.

Right now the market potential includes any mobile with the correct instruction set/protocols or emulation standards to enable a windows download file to become a set application, and anyone with a windows desktop machine and compatibility wizard and on board sound (optional)

Additionally, there are a number of online sources with more detail about the Optimist A-I and the benefits of proper use. In particular there is a document called 'Introducing Optimist' which goes into more detail than ever before.

There is huge potential for this app to penetrate in a similar way to (anti-depressants), however setting up multiple users who recognize the session based interface is not easy to explain, unless they download and install the software.

I also own approximately eight hundred original music compositions/productions which I sell under the Artist name of 'Chasson Rouel'.

I sometimes claim one of my websites as a trade mark, namely Link , and i put the TM font character beside. The reason i like this as a trade mark is because i just love the spelling.

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