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Thirst Monitoring Device

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are inventors of above-said device which will help human being to protect themselves from dehydration.

As there is very less awareness on the consequences of dehydration which sometimes result into fatal death and other serious consequences.

This is an innovative device which will check dehydration levels automatically and electronically indicate levels of dehydration.
The application areas of above said invention includes:
1. Indication and/or warning to re-hydrate ourselves regularly/occasionally.
2. In hospitals to measure hydration level of patients.
3. While exercising to keep ourselves hydrated.
4. A cure and/or preventive measure of various deceases and/or effects of dehydration.
5. By those individuals who are vocally impaired.
6. By people/patients/children who are unable to specify their responses and/or unable to specify them clearly.

Our patent has been published with application no. 148/DEL/2013, complete details can be seen at Link

Kindly let us know your interest, we will be happy to provide further details.

Your early reply would be appreciated.

Thanking you,
Best Regards,
Shardha Porwal (+919210364673) ([Use the button below to contact me])
Amar Arora (+919013289116) ([Use the button below to contact me])

Financial information

we are looking for outright sale of our idea.

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