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SPELL WIT: A more friendlier and adictive puzzle

[Category : - Toys and games]
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-A question and answer game designed to broaden ones general knowledge and improve an individuals spelling ability.
-Characters spelling out the answer hidden smartly in a maze design of different shapes.
-Finding out the genuine way gives you the answer.
-Questions are listed and following the rules you play spell wit.
-Designed with the ability of the common crossword,spell wit can be both complex and simple depending on the targeted group.
-An infinite game, it can be translated in any language and designated to any subject.
Spell wit can be played both in hard copy and in electronics.
- Easy to play, it fulfills its ultimate goal-giving out general knowledge.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale.
Spell wit is both educative and entertaining.
Are you a lover of knowledge? then spell wit is the thing for you.
It can be played as an App. In computers ,phone set,tablets,etc.
Through media houses specifically the news print,it can played widely in hard copy form.
One can also play it on line.

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