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Ladder caddy

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A ladder caddy (10) for a stepladder (12) comprising a container (14) for storing articles therein. A structure (16) is for retaining the container (14) in a removable manner to an upper back portion of the stepladder (12), so that a person (18) standing on and about the stepladder (12) can retrieve the articles from the container (14). This caddy was invented to be a more effective way to work from a ladder rather than using a tool belt which can hang up and get caught on the ladder, also it enables you to load all your tools and materials needed to complete the task in safe and timely manner. saving many trips up and down the ladder, also relieves the strain off your back and hips from all those heavy tools. The ladder caddy never has to be adjusted or removed. just load all tools and materials set into place and engage the two clips, remove lid and start working.

Financial information

I am interested in entertaining all offers on this product. The current prototype is made of aluminum diamond plating, plastic forming can also be used for this product. The projected retail price for this unit is $289.95 u.s. dollars. if using diamond plating the profit margin is $220.00 per unit net. plastic forming would generate a greater profit margin. example there are 1,975 home depot stores in the u.s. alone, should each store order 10 units per store, that would equal 19,750 units with a profit of $ 4,345,000 just from the home depot stores. Should you be interested the list of potential buyers for this unit, I would be happy to provide it to your company. We have established the domain name for this unit. waiting to work with future purchaser or partner for this unit. Thanks for reviewing! looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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