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Printed Battery

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications]
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The invention relates to galvanic elements comprising two electrodes on at least one support and at least one electrolyte in at least some areas between the electrodes. Also disclosed are methods for producing galvanic elements. Said galvanic elements comprising at least one support, two electrodes, and at least one electrolyte in at least some areas between the electrodes as well as the methods for producing galvanic elements are characterized particularly by the simple structure thereof and can be produced economically. For this purpose, at least one area of a plate-shaped body encompassing introduced openings is disposed between the electrodes as a separator. Alternatively, at least one area of a layer or of an object that is used as a receptacle can be disposed between the electrodes, subareas of the support, or one of the electrodes and a subarea of the support. The support comprising the electrodes is tilted, folded, seamed, bent, or turned over in such a way that the electrodes point in the direction of the separator and the electrolyte.

The invention describes a simple and cost efficient way to produce a printed battery.
Patent is granted for EU.

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