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Invoicing Method and Apparatus for Therapeutic Treatments

[Category : - HEALTH- Fitness- Indentification and payment methods]
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This is a new form of membership that integrates physical fitness with physical therapy. The concept of a therapeutic treatment membership program allows the client access to both a therapist and fitness facility contained within the same membership structure. The key aspect to the patent is that the membership is either reimbursed by the client’s insurance company under the current terms of the policy or in the event that the client has no insurance coverage the membership acts as a tax deduction. In either event never before has a membership to a fitness facility been reimbursable from an insurance company or tax deductible.

As an example, your existing fitness membership costs you $50 per month, this new membership might be $75 per month and would include one session with the therapist. If the client uses the therapist session he or she would recieve an invoice for that session, submit the invoice to their insurance provider and be reimbursed $60 for the session and thus their membership to the facility is now only $15 per month.

This is a simple idea with massive implications as it can be imposed in any fitness facility, golf course, ski hill and in just about any venue that works with a membership structure.

Financial information

Ultimately I am looking to sell the patent rights and retain an ongoing royalty structure. As mentioned the markets are any fitness facility, golf course, ski hill or any facility that works with a membership method. Reserch indicates that this patent covers a market with 40-50 Billion per year in sales. We have titled this a `Tream`membership and have trademarked the name Tream and have the website Link completed and on line.

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